All about Adoption

What is Adoption?

Adopting means making a child your own; a fully- fledged, legal member of your family. Just like a biological child.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment to provide a permanent, legal, forever family for a child or children who cannot, for whatever reason, live with their birth families.

Adoption is the name given to the process when the legal relationship between a child and their birth family is removed and replaced with a legal relationship with an adoptive family. When a child is adopted all the powers, duties and rights of the birth parent(s) are transferred to the adoptive parent(s). Adoption was introduced into English law in 1926 and the Government continues to revise its views about providing a service that is fair to the children, the birth parents and the adopters.

For more in-depth information on the adoption process, see our Ten Steps to Adoption page.

Could I Adopt?

We welcome prospective adopters from all walks of life. Your personality, life skills and nurturing ability are the most important things.

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