Case Study - Second Time Adopters

We’re second time adopters and although we were assessed and approved by another adoption agency we were advised to approach WWiSH given the age of the child we wanted to adopt. Although we were familiar with the adoption process it had changed since we last adopted our son and so WWiSH provided us with all the information and we were happy to hear that as second time adopters the process is much quicker and easier.

The assessment was much shorter and we got to talk about our amazing little boy! There have been plenty of ups and downs for us as first time parents and the added complexities of adoption however we have thoroughly enjoyed becoming parents.  After a couple of years of being a family of three we wanted to do it all over again and we wanted our son to have a brother or sister.

After the assessment was complete and we were approved as adopters again we waited to be matched with that special little someone. Our social worker supported us throughout and we were matched with our daughter who is now very much part of our family and it feels as though she has always been here.

Being second time adopters has been easier as we were more prepared about the process, complexities of adoption and parenting a child, however it brought other challenges as we needed to carefully consider our son’s needs too. The rewards that our children have brought us makes up for all the bumps along the way and we always know that WWiSH will be there to support us.

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