Could I Adopt?

We appreciate and actively promote that all people and families are very different; just as children's needs are different. Everyone has their own special attributes - tell us about yours!

We welcome prospective adopters from all walks of life. Your personality, life skills and nurturing ability are the most important things.

Our adopters report that love, care and consistency are the three key factors in successful adoptions.

In our experience, successful adopters:

  • Are able to put the needs of the child first
  • Have the ability to communicate well with children
  • Should be good listeners and able to demonstrate empathy
  • Are committed and flexible
  • Do not judge a child's past but use it to help build strong foundations for the future
  • Are patient and understand that change often takes time
  • Are resilient and have a sense of humour!

But don't worry! We can help you with all of this.

There are very few restrictions in terms of eligibility to adopt:

  • You must be aged over 21 (there is no upper age limit as long as you are fit and healthy enough to look after a child into adulthood)
  • You cannot adopt if you have a criminal conviction involving a child

Any course of fertility treatment must have been completed and a six-month time period elapsed before your adoption assessment can begin. Our team can advise you on this.