Adoption Support Service

Support available to you

Tier 1

Wide universal support to adopters includes:

  • Post adoption contact coordination
  • Unlimited access to adoption related workshops and family days
  • Telephone advice
  • Information via the WWiSH adoption website
  • Regular updates via newsletters

Tier 2

All of tier 1 and in addition:

  • Activity days for primary school aged children
  • Therapeutic nurture groups for adoptive parents and their pre-school children
  • Webster Stratton adoptive parenting programme
  • Support with complex contact issues
  • Birth records counselling for adults
  • Support and independent counselling for birth relatives whose children have been adopted

Tier 3

An assessment of need is completed and individual adoption support plans are devised. Tier 3 includes tiers 1 and 2 plus specific adoption support, including:

  • Theraplay sessions to improve attachment
  • Life Story Work to address identity issues
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)
  • This tier also includes assessment of therapeutic needs
  • Identification of relevant therapy and available resources and applications to the Adoption Support Fund

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Training, Allowance & Support

WWiSH offers a wide range of support to our adoptive families, including:

  • Pre and Post approval training
  • Tailored training courses specific to the needs of the adopter and the adopted child
  • Adoption allowances in some cases
  • Settling-in grant of £250 per child and reimbursement of court application fees
  • A Life Story Book for the adoptive child and adoptive family
  • Social activities for adopters and adopted children
  • Support from the WWiSH team

Workshops provided by the adoption support team

The team provides a rolling programme of pre and post approval workshops throughout the year.


  • Adoption Support Workshop
  • Attachment and Brain Development
  • Drugs and Alcohol

Post Approval

  • Social Networking Issues
  • Talking to your child about adoption
  • Introductions to Theraplay

The Adoption Support Fund

In January 2013 the government published a report which set out their proposals to improve the support available to adoptive families. This led to the implementation of the prototype Adoption Support Fund in December 2013.

Working alongside ten local authorities we were able to generate sustainable improvement in the assessment and provision of appropriate therapeutic support to adoptive families. This pilot has now come to an end and the Adoption Support Fund was opened to all 152 Local Authorities in England on 1st May 2015.
Accessing the fund on behalf of families is a key target for 2015/16 for the WWiSH Service.

The Adoption Support fund will pay for therapeutic services such as play therapy and family support sessions, which will help children and their adoptive families, come to terms with their children’s difficult starts.

Without this type of support children can find it difficult to settle into their new homes, which can create difficulties at particular stages in their lives, such as adolescence. WWiSH Adoption Support Team will assess each child’ and family’s needs allowing them to make applications to the fund accordingly.

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Accessing Records

If you are an adult who was adopted as a child and would like advice or assistance with accessing your records, please contact us on 01942 487272 or email us at

Meet the Team

Our team provides adoption support services to families in the Warrington, Wigan and St Helens area. Support is also available to children and families further afield if the children have been adopted from one of the three WWiSH local Authorities in the last three years.