Case Study - Same Sex Adopters

We’re a same sex female couple who wanted to be parents for a long time. We considered adoption as an option and approached WWiSH for further information.

Through WWiSH we were provided with preparation training and support which gave us all the information to continue on our journey. We wanted to adopt siblings and discussed this with our social worker throughout the assessment considering all the challenges as well as the rewards.

The assessment process felt long at times, however this was because we were keen to be a family. After the assessment we were approved as suitable adopters for two siblings….we were delighted!!

Several months later we were matched with two children and became their parents. Although there have been many challenges along the way we have felt supported by WWiSH, through their post adoption support team, training and our social worker. We can see there will be more challenges in the future however we feel very confident that we can overcome them and know that if we need the support from WWiSH it will be there.

The rewards of becoming parents has far outweighed any challenges we have encountered and we wouldn’t change a thing about adopting our children as they have completed our family!!!

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