Success Stories

Since its inception in 2011, the WWiSH team have approved an amazing 36 new adopters, providing forever families for 39 children across Warrington, Wigan and St.Helens. Below are some of our recent significant success stories that we hope will inspire you!

Megan and Tia*

'Two little girls aged six and two needed adoption after the youngest child suffered quite a severe injury. They needed to be placed together as they had very close attachments to one another. A Placement Order was granted in December 2011 and family finding began, but due to the age of the eldest child, the search was difficult as, unfortunately, not many adopters are willing to take on children over the age of five. Searches within Adoption22 and the National Adoption Register failed to identify any adopters for the children. Our team were distraught at the thought of having to separate the children to allow the youngest to be adopted and the eldest to move into long-term foster care.

After a few months of exhaustive searching and exploring all avenues, in May 2012 WWiSH approved a couple to adopt two children. Megan and Tia's Social Worker immediately suggested that the children may be suitable for the couple. Information was given to the couple about the children and they met with the medical advisor, foster carers and school staff. They decided that they wished to adopt Megan and Tia, and in July they were successfully matched with the children. They moved to live with their new family in August 2012.


'An adoptive family were approved by WWiSH in June 2012. They wanted to adopt a baby girl, as young as possible. It was explained to them, and they understood, that by wanting to adopt a very young child, this may mean that they had to wait a while for a placement.

However, also in June 2012, a decision was made that a young baby who had been born in January 2012 needed an adoptive home. In July, the Courts agreed with the plan and a Placement Order was given. The adoptive family and the child were matched in September, just two months after the court agreed the plan and before the baby girl was ten months old.'

These cases highlight just a fraction of the positive impact WWiSH has made on the lives of children and adopters in Warrington, Wigan and St.Helens, in ensuring that children are efficiently placed in appropriate adoptive families and in providing potential adopters with children who match their wishes for a family.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of children and families involved.

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